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 "It was truly a pleasure to work with such gifted and talented musicians!" 


Tony Vincent

“The Voice” finalist and Broadway Star

"Dave and Gary and the band are a pleasure to work with, always professional and collaborative. Their show musically is excellent with passion, high energy and love that grabs the crowd and makes for an incredible night for all!"


Bob Whittenburg

Talent Buyer for Historic Arnold’s Park

"The Official North American Queen Convention has had the honor and privilege of working with Rock a la Carte!  They have rocked and rolled us with great music and musicianship!  Have a chance to see them? It’s a resounding GO!"  


Paul DeFerrari

The Official North American Queen Convention

"What more can I say that hasn’t already been said about them?  They were dead perfect on every song, making it their own but staying true to the original and entertaining us thoroughly!  Nice job!"


Lisa Q

Official North American Queen Convention

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